The Bear Creek Federation Eagle Feather program is for fathers and daughters that have outgrown the Indian Princesses programs (typically daughters ranging from ages 12 to 16+).  Graduated Indian Princesses from the Tatanka Nation  (McKinney, Texas), Caddo Nation (Allen, Texas), and Yo-He-Wah Nation (NE Tarrant County, Texas) are invited to participate. Those not previously participating in Indian Princesses are also welcome and encouraged to join.

The program is modeled after the Indian Princess Program, with activities aligned with the interests and abilities of older girls (and Fathers). Typically one activity is scheduled per month. Prior activities have included 3 to 4 campouts per year (sometimes in cabins), a canoe trip, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, a Trinity Railway Express train trip into Dallas West End for dinner and the Dallas Aquarium, outings to a melodrama dinner theater for popcorn tossing, and Laser Tag. Some of the camping trips have been in combination with rock climbing in the Wichita Mountains and visits to State of Texas fisheries, viewing the Christmas light exhibit in Tyler Texas, and the World Championship Weiner Dog Races in Sulfur, OK.