Dads and Kids Making Lifelong Memories

About Us

Bear Creek Federation is one of the largest parent-child programs in North Texas.  Our programs have been developed to educate children and their parents on the traditions and heritage of the Native American Indian while building strong character, … [Read more]


The original Indian Guides and Indian Princess Programs sprang from the efforts of Harold Keltner and Joe Friday in 1927 and guided many generations of fathers and sons and fathers and daughters. In 2001, the previous sponsoring organization began … [Read more]


The Aims of the Bear Creek Federation Indian Guides and Indian Princess Programs are based upon the Six Aims of the Ojibway, as related by Joe Friday and Harold Keltner. They are: Purity of Heart (Binideewin) - To be clean in body and pure in … [Read more]

Name & Logo

The Bear Creek Federation logo is comprised of a black bear standing over a creek inside a Zuni Zia symbol on a background of blue water, encircled by a red band containing the words 'Bear Creek Federation". The logo brings together elements of our … [Read more]


The Structure of Bear Creek Federation: Federation The Federation is the governing body of the Nations and Tribes. Leaders from each Nation are nominated to represent their Nations at the Federation Longhouse. The Federation is responsible for … [Read more]