The Structure of Bear Creek Federation:

The Federation is the governing body of the Nations and Tribes. Leaders from each Nation are nominated to represent their Nations at the Federation Longhouse. The Federation is responsible for providing general guidance, standardization of programs, policies and procedures, and ensuring the longevity of the program.

The Nation is the governing body of the Tribes. Each Tribe Chief will represent their Tribe at the Nation Longhouse. Each Nation has at least one volunteer Nation Chief and frequently other Nation Officers as well. Nation events are a highlight of our program. All nations go on four overnights each year to nearby camping facilities. In addition, many organize other activities such as skate parties, swim parties, sports
outings, pinewood derby’s and more.

Tribes are the heart of the Indian Guides and Indian Princess Programs. Each participant is placed in a Tribe shortly after registering for the program. Most Tribes are organized by geographic location, and are mixed in school and age. Tribes consist of 10-20 father/child pairs and meet monthly throughout the school year at a time agreed upon by the Tribe members. Each Tribe has an Indian name and volunteer Tribal Chief; sometimes other volunteer officer positions are used as well.

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